Despite the atrocious levels of violence in Colombia’s lawless jungle areas, it’s actually worsened since the Mexicans’ arrival.

Authorities did not move into areas vacated by FARC rebels following the 2016 peace deal, experts say, leaving a vacuum.

Violence has displaced 7,800 people along the Pacific coast this year up to November, compared to half that amount during the whole of 2017, according to Ombudsman Carlos Negret.

“Violence has increased this year,” he told AFP.

Of the 343 rights activists murdered in Colombia since January 2016, 40 percent were in this region.

“The power of the money brought by the Mexican cartels brings armed elements into the fold, but also social leaders,” said the Guapi community leader.

And a bribed official “is much more dangerous than those armed elements because he knows how everything works,” he added. “That intensifies the danger with immeasurable cruelty.”